Partners and Suppliers

Twiga’s network of partners and suppliers is critical to our long-term success and in our purpose inspired growth strategy to touch and improve more consumers’ lives.


Consumers rely on Twiga’s brands for their superior performance and value. For that reason, we want agencies, partners and suppliers that participate with us in open innovation, and that help us improve competitive advantage and maintain standards of excellence for both companies. At Twiga, successful partnerships require a respect for diversity, the environment and sustainability, and we seek those values in our agencies, business partners and suppliers.


Twiga wants to be the business partner of choice because we believe more value can be created in effective collaboration with the right partners than we could achieve alone. In our efforts to foster effective collaborations, we continually seek to understand how our needs and capabilities can be aligned with our partners’ to build our businesses together.


The breadth of our business creates opportunities to connect technology and capabilities across categories and regions in unexpected ways . So we seek collaboration in areas, such as packaging, design, distribution, business models, marketing models, consumer research methods, trademark licensing, and technology research. We are also interested in innovations that can help increase the demand, reach and sales of our brands.


We are interested in talking to any company that can offer innovation that delivers greater value for consumers and our retail partners, achieves greater cost efficiencies, facilitates our environmental and sustainability goals or helps us reach and serve more of the consumers within the region.

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